As I look outside


Right now, it’s dark outside.

As I look outside the window, I see a dark sky with a few stars sprinkled throughout, some shining more than others, and the moon that shines brilliantly as always. As I look outside the window, I notice that I cannot make out the houses within the cul-de-sac I live in but I can recall these surroundings from memory. As I look outside, I cannot help but think how peaceful and calming the night sky is. A few lamp posts twinkle down the cul-de-sac and around the neighborhood, but the night sky is the one perfection that humans have not tampered with. It’s probably a bit chilly outside right now, but it’s the right temperature for chilliness because we are still in the beginnings of spring. As I look outside, into the night sky, I think about my day and reflect upon what I have down. As the night sky reminds me of peace and calm, I am pulled into the tranquility, as if the night sky is my moon and I am the ocean forming tidal waves, a push and pull, push and pull.



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