10 Facts About Me~

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I know that no one asked for it (nor is anyone really looking) but here are 10 facts about me. Instead of saying the typical things like “my favorite color is pink” or “I have a dog” (both things untrue) I want to give out facts and the reason behind the facts or a short story about named facts.

  1. I used to be scared of cooties until I was twelve. No lies here – believe me. When I was eight or nine my mom told me that in our culture a girl’s skin will turn green, purple, black, or blue if they touched a boy. I had asked “Even if Daddy hugs me?” My mom had said yes. “ You can’t let your brothers, your cousins, your grandpas, or your friends touch you.” She continued on and said to me, “The only one who can see if your skin turns green, purple, black, or blue, is me.” I honestly have no idea why she told me this. I have always been a very gullible and naïve person so I took it to heart. I hated tags. I hated gym where I had to tap a boy’s shoulder. I even recall talking to my gym teacher or third/fourth grade teacher about what would happen if I touched a boy. They didn’t believe me of course, and said my mother was kidding, but I was scared. I felt like my mom could see the colored skin invisible to me and it was only when I entered seventh grade and my friends talked to me about it that I realized it was a lie. Still, it left me with feelings of dislike toward the opposite gender. I didn’t want to touch them or get near them. Those four years of belief were instilled in me. Now, however, I am perfectly fine!
  2. I don’t have a favorite color. Technically, I do but my favorite color tends to consistently change. Sometimes my favorite color is purple, light blue, sky blue, orange, the colors that make up a sunset but the truth is, I am rather fond of all colors. The reason for this is because colors are beautiful. If someone asks me what my favorite color is I just name the first color I see or the color that I see most around me. Once, someone told me “You can’t say you don’t have a favorite color. Everyone has a favorite!” And, thus, I have now chosen the first color I see. Like, for now, I’ll say that my favorite color is a light lavender because lavenders (flowers) have been capturing my eyes and the background of my laptop is a nice lavender color as well.
  3. I rebelled against being “girly.” When I was a little girl, around the ages of two to five, I had an excessive obsession with makeup, skirts, and dresses. My parents have pictures of my putting makeup on my face and putting makeup on my sister. I can even remember begging my parents for kids’ makeup and putting them on nearly every day. My mother loved dressing her daughters in fancy clothing and putting makeup on them. It kept going on and on and we always had family photoshoots. Finally, I just had enough of the family photoshoots, the makeup, and the dresses. I’m pretty sure my mom was heartbroken and confused. There her eldest daughter was, in love with all things girly and the next moment she just denied makeup, dresses, and everything of that sort. I think part of the reason why I rebelled being girly was because I had enough of it due to my mother always dressing me up. So, for years after that I pretended to be disgusted and hate girly stuff.
  4. People mistook me as an avid reader. When I was younger, I just loved to hold books in my hands and flip through the pages. For starters, in classes during quiet times or during lunches, it gave me a reason to appear busy. I didn’t have any friends and books let me do that. Books let me shelter myself from the world. Another reason why people mistook me as an avid reader is because I always had a book in my backpack. You see, I was a really bad reader and I only read things that interested me. I loved picture books and fairy tales and I didn’t “grow” out of it until I moved states. I did read occasionally but I never read books, I skimmed. I skimmed through the pages and got the essence of the book. I never became a true avid reader until I moved states. I moved so often, well, often for me, that I used books as my outlet. From elementary to sixth grade I used books to shield myself – literally – and from onwards I used books to read about other worlds and truly opened myself to literature and the magic of it.
  5. I moved a lot when I was younger. I lived in an apartment from birth to the age of three and then lived with my grandparents in a different state from three to seven and the month I was turning eight my family moved to a house. We lived there for two years before going back to my grandparents. In that amount of time I attended three elementary schools and one middle school. When I was twelve I moved to a different state and my family lived with my aunt and her family. We stayed there for nearly two years before we moved to the next and final house. So, overall, I had attended three different elementary schools, three middle schools, and one high school. Since I moved around from school to school it made me a lonely child. I know that some people are very outgoing from moving around so much but it just made me become very introverted and scared of strangers. I had a hard time getting to know people and I still do.
  6. My favorite animals have long necks. I am rather fond of long-necked animals and long necks in general. Long necks are just so slender and elegant to me. I love giraffes, flamingoes, swans, and ostriches. Out of all of these animals I love giraffes the most. There’s just something about giraffes that capture my attention, as if there’s a certain beauty within and inside them.
  7. I’m actually scared of dogs. You have no idea. I used to love dogs but my cousins had dog after dog after dog and each dog bit me on the hand in the same place. I was young. I didn’t know any better. I loved to pet the dogs and I tended to pet them while they were eating. Of course they thought I was trying to stop them from eating and they would bite me. I didn’t know I was disrupting them. Instead, they bit me. Over and over at different times – not hard, except this one time – enough to make me fear them. I love dogs but I love looking at them from afar. The only dog I was never scared of was a Yorkshire terrier. The cutest one who, sadly, passed away a few years ago because of his bad kidneys.
  8. I have a bug phobia and arachnophobia. My cousins and siblings love to recount stories of bugs and spiders with me but I never remember them. Apparently there was once a huge tick on my head but I have no memory of it. When I was a baby and my parents had picnics, they tried to put me on the grass and I would squirm and kick and pull my legs up. I didn’t like touching them. When my aunt took me for a car ride there were a bunch of flies in the car and I would scream so much and cry that my aunt wounded up buying a fly swatter for me. There are so many incidents with bugs that I don’t remember and many that I do remember. Ever since I was young I have always been very frightened of bugs and spiders. Sometimes I like to believe that I’m getting better but if a gnat or even an ant gets near me, I twitch and run away or scream. There are many funny stories to go with my phobias.
  9. I’m scared of heights. I never thought it was a phobia until my mom made me go on the sky ledge in Chicago just a few weeks ago. I was falsely fine for two seconds, gripping my sister’s arm, hunched over a little, giving my mother and father a shaky smile as they took pictures of me. However, the tears spilled over and I started to cry. Before I cried I started to hyperventilate. I was shaking and then I was off the ledge but the feeling of being on top of the ledge was still there. I kept crying for a bit. The day before that I had been hyperventilating while on a ride at Six Flags. The weird thing is that I’m not scared of roller coasters or this ride called the Power Tower. I’m fine as long as I don’t think about the ground. During those times I think about how the ride will be fun and it will be exhilarating to feel the wind in my hair and my face and the feeling in my stomach.
  10. I always had a crush. I can recall my crushes from Kindergarten to my second year in college by name and appearance. I always had a crush or multiple crushes. There was always someone to like! However, once I got a boyfriend, he’s been the only one on my mind. There have been no crushes ever since. He is my last crush (and, no, celebrity crushes do not count lol. Not in my book).


PS: I was trying to blog every day but, sadly, it slipped my mind last night.


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